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While modern dentistry is relatively free from discomfort, there are some people who feel a sense of dread or nervousness about visiting the dentist—especially if they are performing a surgical procedure. Dental anxiety is a real thing, but thankfully, there are ways to calm the stress-prone patient. A surefire option to offer comfort for this kind of patient is sedation dentistry. It ranges from inhalants such as nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to type IV intravenous sedation. If you’re this type of person, be sure to ask us about sedation dentistry.

What is Type IV Sedation Dentistry?

All the types of sedation vary on the level of anxiety and the procedure with which you are getting. Type IV sedation dentistry is reserved for those with severe anxiety, but who don’t need to be made unconscious. It is a middle-of-the-road option, using intravenous delivery (through a vein), that doesn’t put you completely to sleep but makes you less aware of what is going on, and blocks any discomfort. It works quickly, is easy to adjust the dose given, and you won’t remember what happened during your treatment—even though you will respond to commands given by your dentist and dental assistant. You may be groggy after the procedure so be sure to have a ride home. Also, not every dentist offers this level of sedation, because there is training and certification required.

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