Many patients find themselves in a situation where they have several consecutive teeth that are missing or compromised. If this is your case, multi-tooth implant replacement may be for you. Our dentist can use an implant-supported dental bridge to help you achieve the great looking, healthy smile you deserve.

Dental bridges are one of the most common solutions for missing teeth. They traditionally include one or more false teeth anchored to neighboring natural teeth, but there are many circumstances where this type of anchoring is not possible. Thanks to dental implant technology, we can securely replace several teeth in a row without impacting healthy neighboring teeth.

Dr. Jean Pierre Rwigema will begin by determining whether you are a candidate for implants. If your bone structure cannot currently support implants, he may recommend a bone regeneration treatment. Our team will then determine the placement of your implants. After a few months, the implants will be fully-integrated into your jaw bone and able to securely support your new fixed bridge. This restoration will be made of strong, beautiful materials that match your smile and feel natural.

Be sure to clean your new appliance every day as part of your normal oral hygiene routine. By properly maintaining it, the bridge can last a lifetime. If you would like to learn more about multi-tooth implants in Valencia, California, please call JR Dental at 661-290-3355 to schedule your consultation!